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Happy Bidets – has been specializing in helping people improve their personal hygiene. In addition to offering bioBidet products, the company develops, manufacturers and markets attachable GoBidet™ systems, offering one of the largest lines of bidet products in the US. It is our mission to provide individuals and businesses with affordable and quality bidet systems in order to promote a healthy habit that is beneficial to users and the environment.

What is GoBidet™/bioBidet?

GoBidet™ and bioBidet are Personal Hygiene Systems (PHSs) that allow the whole family to improve personal hygiene by adopting a truly healthy habit that is both affordable and eco-friendly. Our ad-on bidet systems are easy to install and use; they are do-it-yourself projects that transform your toilet into a comfortable bidet without expensive plumbing alterations.


More and more doctors are recommending the daily use of bidet systems, which have been proven to offer numerous health benefits, including a natural approach for preventing and relieving minor discomforts without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. In addition, cleansing with running water is the most soothing, gentle and refreshing way to improve personal hygiene. The use of bidet systems reduces the amount of toilet paper utilized, helping the environment and saving you money. In addition, septic tanks do not need to be cleaned out as frequently.

Bidet systems are especially beneficial for the physically challenged and the elderly. The PHSs make it easier for them to independently maintain cleanliness and thus live more pleasantly and comfortably. GoBidet™ and bioBidet products are easily installed, fit one-or two-piece and round0front or elongated toilets, and can be removed and reattached when relocating.

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